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In short, the friendly giant (The BFG)

Watch Online Free - I remember long ago when we heard Steven Spielberg's name, we are confident that we will see a memorable movie. The director was able to tell us, and we loved the way the stories submitted. But then somehow he could not inherent előcibálni kid, drama is either mediocre or feledhetőek quite advanced. The Tintin was not really captivating presence of Daniel Day-Lewis Lincoln saved the bridge of the spies was not the real thing. The friendly giant would change things if you could, but after already quite worried about the Ready Player One.

The veteran director Roald Dahl's novel adaptálhatta. Sophie éldegél in London orphanage shocked one evening in a giant figure that can quickly rob her and carries the kingdom of giants. Making friends with it, as it turns out, a friend of Sophie huge deals with dreams and you could say he is the only one of his kind, who is more friendly and do not eat people.

Spielberg wanted to tell you about a way of Hadak paciról, but rather sentimental sikeredett, went very wrong, as the "main character" otherwise tried to present an interesting ordeal. The friendly giant also contains only traces of the Spielberg, who gave up an excellence in his hands as the Hook. Unfortunately, too often boring, it becomes prolonged. But two really big problem with the film. One of the giant speech, foams because strangely enough communicate, subverts the words that are completely different meanings than you think. It can not Geszti Peter verbal chicane expect, but sometimes very tiring. Another Sophie was a little girl playing the rookie. Ruby Barnhill cute and sympathetic, but can not be called convincing, Mark Rylance much better than him. Visually, the film is absolutely fine, the view may not be connected to it, perfect. But unfortunately the effects are not great enough for a story, Spielberg could not have been overwhelming and magical act is presented as a Hooknál anno.

Akció filmek - Ron Howard's The Dark Tower to

Ron Howard's The Dark Tower to

Watch Online Free Funls HD - It was a long process, until he could begin the Dark Tower (The Dark Tower) rotation. It is hard to find a home in the project, Ron Howard and Brian Glazer since 2010 paved the way for the draft. The Deadline interview with the artists, which turns out to be able to deal with the merits of the film, when JJ. Abrams changed the rights, but it did not go the easy thing to do.

"When I shot A Beautiful Mind, for Akiva Goldsman he gave me the idea. The rights then JJ. Abrams possession and Akiva indicated that JJ. working on many projects that passed that make a film out of it. So we started to think about what they could do with it what to do. I have read the novels, Stephen King visited the Akiva, "said Howard, even then there were those that compared the film version átvariálják written form, the focus is transferred. - "As the MRC and Wyczyk Modi has also staged more and more immersed and we thought that Jake Chambers Roland relationship should kidomborítani in the first film, which started the franchise. Simplified the story, one result was that the cost can be reduced. But at the same time we were able to use a lot of the structural elements that coined over the years. We put together a team is still in the Dark Tower and elemzőiből kedvelőiből. We wanted to put into the best novels of the film, which Stephen King fully agreed with and supported us. "

setettoronyhivatalos2Howardék after many difficulties was almost shelved the idea, but it appeared on the scene Nikolaj Arcel, who said he was a big fan. "Akiva, Modi, Brian and I have been fighting were almost sure that this could be something. But then Tom Rothman came on board, along with turnaround, and so did we offer Nik, who grew up and odavolt them on the novel. A great choice for the coolest and most humane in his approach to the story, Jake Roland understood the importance of the relationship. "

Over the years, more of an actor's name was also raised at the same time it was that Javier Bardem is one of the main characters. Finally, Idris Elba and Matthew McConaughey have to write under his opponent. Howard felt that Roland does not have to be a Clint Eeastwood-copy, although right on the covers of novels quite similar to it. And just in the western Eastwood film inspired by the young King when he cut in writing. However, Howard says, so it was not essential. In Elba and all had to be shaping their characters conceived.

The original idea is that they wanted to create a trilogy, after the first part and the second part is a continuation of a series of adventure. Howard confirmed that it would not have sat on the series to do it, but as yet no concrete.

online filmek - Transformers

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Transformers: Age of Extinction

animációs filmek - Fourth take-off has not been raised from the ashes of its own Michael Bay's Transformers series (although the goal was) just as embarrassingly stupid than its predecessors. Despite the human cast replacement if the superficial characters and the story line remained poor. However, it should be left to the town sikeredett try really spectacular.

The last part of Optimus Prime Megatront recovered parts of Chicago "ring" and saved the Earth from another apocalypse. The ungrateful humanity rather than to thank the robot teams' efforts, the fate of the fugitive outlaws consider them. A very evil emberkékből standing secret CIA units and a bounty hunter begins the remaining transformer Autobots and Decepticons tracing and liquidation of the rare-metal transformium withdrawn from them and thus help their own robot army creations. Optimus is the main target in-chief, who is a figure very similar to those of the Duel, ramshackle trucks recorded in hiding. Cade (Mark Wahlberg), a penniless but enthusiastic inventor acquires for a few dollars, but when you start to tinker, to shape change occurs. Break out the family tantrums Tessa, daughter Cade (Nicola Peltz) call for his father to turn over to the government Optimus. By contrast, he decides to repair the gap even more, "lubricator" leader. Immediately arrive is the enemy team members to flee to everyone. Optimus gratitude protects and carries Cade, Tessa and their boyfriend, Shane (Jack Reynor). First stop is the desert of Monument Valley, where Optimus comrades hiding. After a great start to the meeting speculate on how we can save their skin and skeleton.

After that, full throttle starts the meager history of game time nearly three-hour barrage, mind-numbing action and látványorgia, which by the end of the movie is gigantic, but hilarious moments are culminating, such as iron dinosaur (Dinobot) on the back tension, giant sword waving and clichéd life truths monologizáló Optimus scene. The film only really valuable aspect of the developed technically precise, immaculate visual world, which probably exceeds that of the previous multiple motion picture experience any. (The first film, which is the new IMAX 3D digital camera were taken up in their entirety.)

But it's sweet enough to Transformers: Age of Extinction be enjoyable. The visual műattrakció almost unacceptable content modesty conceals, which need to dig very deep to make any notable highlight small details. It was pointless to replace the bedilizett Shia LaBeouf, the action and Bay film has been tempered (but not proven), Mark Wahlberg (Izomagyak) and add her daughter to be formed Nicola Peltz (in order only to have everyone sexy thighs framed a couple of options) and the latter macho racing driver lover-shaping impersonator Paul Walker, Jack Reynort if natures elaboration zero. The dynamic of the three of them just embarrassing poénkodással trying to make the film interesting, which arises in that while madly fleeing or fighting for their lives, Cade, the anxious father, constantly criticizing Shane Tessa or because they conceal their relationship from her. This benevolence maybe five times funny, but without stopping annoying and pathetic. Pale color in the only (slightly) nuanced character, poor team selection and then returning to the right track scholar Joshua Joyce. The judge him to be formed komikumérzékkel great character actor Stanley Tucci presence and ability to one-liners you smile at the viewer, just like the one autobot, Lord of the Rings Gimlijének gigantic cast-iron replica of: Bulkhead. In addition, only a thousand times seen and heard clichés kínosságán can laugh.

Two hours would be enough room is created for the purpose of this film is sold, cheap entertainment, featuring movie-nonsense product. But not! I had another hour the viewer's life, just to the Bay for maximum profit (operating in strict censors) Chinese film market lobbizhasson. Therefore, the final battle will take place in Hong Kong. See a couple of close Iben Bingbing Li, who knows who shaping China's kitty baby-superstar, and in parallel with all existing Chinese products product placementje what being pushed to the side, I do not leave him to the city's destruction scenes feel free to enjoy. push ridiculous that even a capable (Chinese labeled) canned milk mókázik Stanley Tucci in the hands of what I had szürcsölgetnie miserable super close Iben least a half minutes, while around the world will be decided together.

The originality of all who want to ignore Bay, just like the previous films, Transformers: The age of extinction welded together swindler scrap metal fibers. Despite nézegethette over the project as executive producer Steven Spielberg promoting the formulation decades of suburban sci-fijeit, could not duplicate the work today, scientists formula (Super 8). Lophatott would like the superhero film genre renewal dumping of age is able to produce a creative movie from Marvel well. But why renewed when still come from the pockets of millions of dollars? As with the Twilight films, it is in vain to assert their legitimate opinion cranky critics, as they fell on deaf ears is found in the camp of enthusiastic fans. Each of them delight, dismay arrive in two parts in the near future.

Watch Online Free Funls HD - Brett Ratner

Brett Ratner: Hercules / Hercules

Online filmek - The sandals are not the same movies eszükért love, without thinking of throwing plates at each other at one point even the temethetik Wooden wedge aesthetic simplicity muscle is beneath them. This time, a couple of spectacular battle scenes, some excellent actor, and Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson quintal performed during the kliséromok biceps.

I can feel that something is very wrong with the film, when during the finale of monumental for all I can think about how much would have been all better off if the anemic side roles wasted John Hurt and Ian McShane to send in an empty room and smartphone take up their improvisations. Or you might not need to speak up: a voltage meter to kiakadásához certainly would have been enough if you just look intently staring circa hundred minutes, the studio is a lot of money in their account would have remained an encore.

Of course, now it seems terribly unfair, because obviously no one expects Herkulestől Bergman depth or cathartic drama, but it still could contain trace amounts of functional act, which lack're hogging up weightless presence of two wrinkled-faced British actor legend in pain. Yet Steve Moore image novel lent an ironic idea has not even been a bad narrative springboard for the marketing sensibility blessed with its own myth benefiting from Hercules good fit in the greater realism demands újrafazonírozott "superheroes" ranks, Bond, Batman or even Robin Hood's footsteps stepping on it.
However, the basic idea badly overclocking witty script writers, which is especially frustrating given that the finale is definitely a sacrifice on the altar of heroic pathos. The demythologization key moments so there is not merely a decorative element in the overgrown authentic Hollywood-dozen hőseposz facade.

No problem, we might say, because still there for us, "the Rock", with its Schwarzenegger's presence, as well as the spectacular battle scenes, which are commendable distance themselves as a 300-imitator championship of large field of. Hercules papier-character indeed it is the context of the film, perhaps even with those horrible flashbacks, that the hero haunting tragic memories are meant to revive. Johnson was obviously not the Stanislavski method, but the daily six-hour weight training and wrestler-last validated for the role, so more of an actor expectations is not worth being supported Faithful to team members, however, the same one-dimensional characters, like himself, but they're not offering anything of value added physical appearance. - so we have to suffer through one of the motivations and conflicts can be described by words, without the fulfillment of aesthetic consideration.

His promotions in action, routinely survived it still can be a perfect summer popcorn cinema-like experience, one would think. This is true even in the middle of play buttocks, where two large-scale battle scenes follow each other relatively quickly, less mind-numbing dialóggal lined. The fighting here is really refreshing spectacular, due to the simple reason that they are not lying around shamelessly stylized as of today's fashion habit. But the soufflé seemed to run out for the finale, or using a slightly more accurate sportmetaforát: the middle term tightening promising sprinter collapses in an instant the sprint - and that the finish line is still very far away from here. Towards the outcome because they start to follow each other in a dizzying speed in the blod turns, the pathetic and embarrassing affectation shouts that nothing remains the momentum gained in the middle of playing time. Little consolation that the film is still orders of magnitude nézhetőbb as this year's rival, the legend of Hercules, which is already in the trailer is worth a penalty.

Dwayne Johnson's childhood dream to act out Hekulest, in any event, have been fulfilled and there is no doubt there is no doubt that - just like the Greek demigod - the dream factory is one of the most profitable mercenaries multiple of your body weight, so you take home gold.

animációs filmek - Shawn Levy's Night at the Museum

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Shawn Levy's Night at the Museum: The Secret of the Tomb / Night at the Museum

Launched in 2006, night at the Museum-trilogy záródarabjához (presumably), and probably not many people will be required to continue: this idea was the appearance of the Museum object at the time, and failed to update the third try.

The boot part of the Ben Stiller portrayed Lawrence unemployed, divorced and urgently need a job, not to lose the right to access the son permanently, so after the firstoncoming work says Yes, and it will be the night watchman at New York's natural history museum (Museum of Natural History). But whoops! This museum is not like the other (since both here at night come alive with the objects and figures, thanks toa magical Egyptian table), but they're not, because such a Museum (in the form of dead yet) I think there is no point to anywhere in the world-has me someone a self-respecting kurátort, who issued a T-Rex skeleton, along with Pictures, Teddy Rooseveltet, an average csuklyásmajmot a szoborfejet of Easter Island and West of Rome and his miniature, all from the smallest historical akkurátussággal.

Of course, this basic koncepióbeli solution (laziness) are yet to be protected by thatmost children were meant to be in the movie, but even more so in the first part of the felt that the film's writers and directors familiar with the only has appeared in museums, and this is pretty much all they can teach a child actors, the canvas is displayed as Tom and Jerry, the real consequences of the pofánverés.

And exactly on the above argument, as well as the second part of the movie (night at the Museum 2) points out that what we need to start this type of alapötlettel: not to be taken seriously, and you'll have fun. The middle section of the first part of the trilogy that used to duck into some of the Smithsonian, elarchiválják characters and has since become an vedlett to be successful (and therefore, of coursetoo little time with her son) Lawrence itself undertake the task to free Pictures, Octavian becomes the coolest Teddy Rooseveltet. And in spite of all the things ökörség is superior, forgivable because horrible fun (rather than the first). There are plenty of cute Visual and narrative idea to spice up your naftalinszagú alapszituációt, the actors receive abobblehead-Einsteinektől big answers, Amelia Earharttal, famous kergetőznek, photos and paintings while the evil Pharaoh, was trying to beat. Here at least the exhibitsto life constitutes an objection to kavalkádjára Smithsonianbe, to break into the world's largest Museum of the protagonists, and the whole movie is unpredictable, creative and fun, and unlike the first section does not become troublesome in the amount of számolatlan.

The same cannot be repeated in the third part: újrahasználtnak, every idea seems to be that this time, others were only the Screenwriting assignments, and the ability to imitate the earlier ideas (this time futkároznak other paintings of the heroes, rather than as the adventurous Amelia Lancelot will accompany them as new, and this time it took place in the Egyptian handbabanda and saving the target to the usual figures). The personal, father-son thread is perfectly useless, futile and quite dubious value lessons ("you don't have to go to College, my sonif you prefer to clean you").
The series is the most predictable part of the (unjustified javerészt) celebrity-felvonultatás: the first part since visszatérője renamed Owen Wilson, Steve Coogan, Ricky Gervais, Mickey Rooney and Robin Williams (the latter two of whom this is the last live-action film), and the izzadságszagú attempts to "modern" comedy elements becsempészésére: the second part of Stiller's character Jonah Hillel affair with a rockin'(and witty) Exchange, this time the Rebel Wilson lately more and is a courtesy service comedienne, but this cast is James LaBrie conducted, only repetitions of the second portion of the szagúnak feel.

Lancelot (Dan Stevens) trying to film, Lawrence poénkodni, saying that it is very bóhócára, the former Court to remind the ones all the way to keep a cut and yet it was funny. Stiller's character not see them again in a minute, the hasonlaton, and so is the movie as a whole also a single Spectator: as much as I try to make us believe it's no fun for a minute. Is some creativity and (real) could also have more self-irony. So, howeveronly a sad, unworthy, and this year two remains a great memento of the deceased.